Stress-Reducing Divorce Papers Preparation and Filing

AFFORDABLE PARALEGALS in Rancho Cucamonga, California, understands how the filing and preparation of child custody and divorce papers requires a serious amount of personable handling. This is why our paralegal staff does everything possible to help you go through these processes with the least amount of emotional stress. The areas we specialize in are the following:

 • Guardianships
 • Restraining Orders
 • Settlement Agreements for Properties
 • Settlement Agreements for Children
 • Conservatorships
 • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

Divorce Assistance Specifics

If you want modifications on a court order, we can prepare the legal documents that will get you a hearing scheduled with the judge.
We can prepare a Qualified Domestic Relations Order that allow divorced couples to collect from their spouse's pension plan. We will prepare documents that will allow a party to restore their former names.

Stipulated Judgment

For uncontested divorces, we can help you avoid going to court by preparing a stipulated judgment. Settlement agreements on stipulated judgment enable divorced couples to legally settle among themselves how properties and the custody of their children may be carried out without court intervention.

Contact us in Rancho Cucamonga, California, to get divorce papers preparation and filing assistance from our personable paralegals.